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8070 Retro Tread

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Manufacturer: Crown Heritage
MSRP: $51.98
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Young Oak Millwork's red oak 48" Retro Tread is for the remodeling contracting, making if easier for tread replacements. For stairwell openings of 48" or less.

Retro-treads are designed as a cap on installed treads. The special 1/2" thickness allows for an additional layer over rough treads to maintain rise/run requirements. Unlike our 1" treads, the retro-treads need to be installed over an already installed stair tread.

48-inches Long x 11-1/2-inches Deep.

Features and benfits:
1. Solid Hardwood Tread Cap. Competing products are generally made of plywood covered with a face of thin veneer. These are solid high-quality hardwood stair treads

2. Minimal Impact on Rise. Remodeled hardwood system mimics original stair geometry.

3. Superior Engineered construction of Tread Cap and Nosing. Tongue and groove construction increases the adhesive area by 40%, greatly enhancing the adhesive bond; this along with solid hardwood construction provides maximum strength at the juncture between the tread cap and tread nosing.

4. Extra-Long cove Covers Imperfections. 1-1/4-inch reach discretely integrated under the tread nose hides imperfections in the original stair.

5. Reversible Nosing Design. Tread nosing is reversible, so it can make a right-hand or left-hand return.

6. Solid Hardwood Construction. Provides for stronger, more stable performance with superior finishing properties.

7. Increased length covers original imperfections. Extra-long return nosing allows for adjustment of the projection on the skirtboard to hide blemished present in the original design.

8. Easy Field Installation. The compenents are designed for quick and easy assembly.

Shipped FOB Elkin, North Carolina.

RETROTREAD™ Installation Instructions for wall to wall applications
1. Remove floor covering from existing stair treads and risers.
2. Trim existing tread 1/16” behind the riser line.
3. Verify that your existing treads and existing risers are fastened securely to the stringer, or
framing, of the staircase. Check for screws or nails backing out of the treads and risers. If your
existing fasteners are backing out, put them back in place using a hammer or screw driver. Any
fasteners, new or existing, in the face of existing treads and risers will need to be countersunk.
4. Make sure all treads and risers are free of staples, tack strips, debris or other means of securing
floor covering.
5. If choosing to simply veneer or refinish your existing risers, adhere an aesthetically pleasing
cover to the face of the entire riser or refinish your risers before you install your
6. If choosing to install new risers, begin at the bottom of the staircase. Measure for width and
height and cut riser to fit. The height of you new riser should be the same height as your
existing tread.
7. Install your new riser using a quality construction adhesive and then nail them in place with
finish nails.
8. Once your first riser is in place, install the first RETROTREAD™. Measure for width and depth
and cut tread to fit.
9. Install your new RETROTREAD™ using a quality urethane adhesive. Never use water based
adhesives with the RETROTREAD™. Finish nails may be used to help hold the tread in place as
the adhesive cures.
10. Repeat steps 7 – 9 until your staircase is complete.
RETROTREAD™ Installation Instructions for open ended treads
11. Follow steps 1 – 10 for wall to wall applications. Step 2 will need to be repeated on the open
end of the existing tread as well as the front side.
12. When installing RETROTREAD™ in an open ended application, a reversible nosing is available to
finish the exposed end grain of the tread. This nosing will have to be trimmed to fit and applied
after the new tread is installed.
13. Measure from the front of the nosing on the newly installed RETROTREAD™ to the front of the
finished riser. Add one inch to the measurement and cut your reversible nosing to that
14. Attach the nosing so that the profile of the nosing and the front of the tread line up. Use wood
glue and finish nails to secure the nosing to the tread.

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